What is tomorrow’s
Microsoft workplace?

Not an office.

A laboratory.
A sandbox.
A springboard.

An opportunity to break boxes and build communities.

What is tomorrow’s
Microsoft workplace?

A place that challenges & inspires the world's smartest, most creative people to do what's never been done

every day.

Envisioning what’s next has been at the heart of our success for three decades: in technology, and in the places where technology comes to life.

But we can’t bring that vision to the workplace without partners


who see what we don’t.

who can learn from our experience, and teach from theirs.

who want to build a lasting relationship.

We’re inventing a new Microsoft, with new teams


that work faster.

that collaborate endlessly.

that crave inspiration.

Designing the workplaces they need will take more than our own knowledge and expertise. It’ll take yours.


And it’ll take an approach that neither of us has seen yet: one we can only build together.

We believe that

spaces are for people

Workplaces should be wise, and demonstrate intimate knowledge; not just of what people do, but who they are and what part of the world they’re in.

technology is human

Use technology in ways that surprise and delight. Remind everyone that the world we live in is the world we make, so why not make it amazing?

simplicity is better than austerity

Everything should be made as simple as possible. But never simpler.

brand is more than just logos and color

A workplace is a durable expression of our values and culture, for employees and for the community around us. Its design should celebrate that.

nature is our ally

The mind doesn’t live in isloation, and neither do we. That’s why we work in collaboration with nature, rather than against it.

A successful design partner









Advancing technology, evolving workplace

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  • 1980s

    Solitary & paper-based

    Private offices

    Puget Sound focused

    Redmond campus: 6 buildings

    MS-DOS, Word, Windows

  • 1990s

    Individual & digital

    Private offices

    Multinational expansion

    Redmond campus: 40+ buildings

    Windows NT, Office, IE

  • 2000s

    Team-based & networked

    Cubicles and open spaces

    International growth

    Redmond campus: 75+ buildings

    Xbox, Zune, Win 7, MSN

  • 2010 - 2015

    Collaborative & mobile

    Hubs, pods and garages

    Global development

    Redmond campus: 100+ buildings

    Surface, Kinect, OneDrive

  • 2015 & Beyond

    Growth mindset

    Diversity and Inclusion

    Customer Obsessed

Help us take the next step.

The Microsoft workplace, like Microsoft itself, never stops evolving. And the more we push against the boundaries of what a workplace can be, the more quickly and successfully we’ll evolve.
That’s why we need partners.

That’s why we need you.